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The stars have come to reap, and you are out of time.

You--Alex--left home two years ago. The air reeks of dust, chemicals, and blood. Memories crawl wormlike under every surface. This was a mistake, perhaps, but you've come back. If you do not find something--anything at all--to stop the reaping, this is where you'll die.

No place like home.

South of Real: Rough Beast is a short psychological horror game about memory, trauma, and the excuses we make for our actions.

(Note: South of Real: Rough Beast contains content that may cause problems for some players. Content warnings are available here.)


  • Explore a swiftly-unraveling world in search of answers.
  • Dive into the horrors of your past.
  • Thoroughly modern, extravagantly expensive soundtrack by the most popular musicians of our age.
    • (that is a bald-faced lie please download my game.)
  • Obligatory library, according to the stringent demands of the genre.
  • You can set the table if you want.
  • Sincere encouragement.
  • Move on. Or don't.


  • Game by Matthew B. Hare.
  • Art resources by DEGICA, Sebastian Bini, and Matthew B. Hare.
  • All other media from Wikimedia Commons, Archive.Org, and KADOKAWA.
  • Pathfinding script by Theo Allen. Thanks, Theo!
  • Save game script by Yanfly. Thanks to you too, Yanfly!
  • Thank you.


  • Includes game, readme, and soundtrack (dig around in them thar files, you magnificent treasure hunter you!

More by Matthew B. Hare?

What an odd question! Are you--the person who's talking right now--asking me if I've made more stuff? Or to see more stuff? You should be less ambiguous with your writing, person who wrote that odd header.

Still, I can answer several possible meanings of this header with links to my Tumblr and Facebook pages.

Hopefully, that's what you were getting at. If not, shoot me a tweet! I might be able to answer your confusingly-worded header questions!


South Of Real: Rough Beast (ZIP) 233 MB


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Pretty neat stuff!